Hey There, Nice to Meet You.

34750856_1720172781395140_8746097309370023936_n - CopyThat’s my first blog post here, so I’ll take a few seconds to introduce myself properly.

Hello there, I’m Hugo Santos, Sitecore enthusiastic and a Coveo specialist, nice to meet you. I’ve been working with Microsoft technologies for almost a decade now and it wasn’t until 2014 when I had my first contact with this so loved little thing named Sitecore.

I then spent a few years building some amazing Sitecore websites and improving my knowledge base around this technology. At the beginning of 2016, I was contacted by Coveo (which by the way is the coolest company ever) to check if I would be interested in a Sitecore Developer job. It took me 3 seconds to decide on accepting the mission to keep improving their already amazing integration module Coveo For Sitecore.

A few years later, here I am. Even more passionate and excited about both Coveo and Sitecore.

On this blog you will find my personal thoughts, points of view and a bunch of useful information about Coveo, Sitecore and especially about these two working together like best friends.

You can find out some more about me on my Linkedin and Twitter. You can also find me chatting on the Sitecore Slack channel #Coveo.

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